Harder working money through investments and tax strategies

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Harder Working Money
Ultimate guide to making your money work harder for you through investments outside of the stock market and tax strategies.

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Brian O'Neill

Brian is the principal owner of Passive Capital Partners - an apartment investment private equity company. Brian holds a degree in construction management from Cal Poly and has been a successful entrepreneur for the past 16 years. He started his first company in the construction industry right out of college, running it successfully for 16 years. During that period, he started two others companies in the hospitality industry. After 16 years as an entrepreneur, he sold and exited all 3 successful businesses and transitioned to the apartment investing real estate world. He now wants to share the knowledge he's acquired being an entrepreneur as well as how he limits taxes and invests the earnings from his business successes outside of the stock market and into tax advantaged hard assets investments.